How to Clear Clipboard History Data on Windows 11

Clear clipboard history or disable it permanently if you do not wish to use it. Please continue reading to discover more and how to do it.

The Clipboard history feature in Windows 11 expands the capabilities of the standard Clipboard functionality. It includes an interface that keeps track of the text and picture copies and allows you to open and paste the material as required. 

Additionally, you may save frequently used objects and transfer your clipboard history to the cloud. When the feature is activated, you can use the Copy and Paste function regardless of what has been recorded in the clipboard’s history.

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Why Do You Need to Clear the Clipboard History on Your PC?

Whenever you work with your computer, you input personal data and classified documents that might be breached or leaked.

The clipboard can hold nearly any type of data. You may wish to remove the temporary data storage before leaving to protect any sensitive information you may have copied to the clipboard.

Deleting or clearing the clipboard history will not harm or corrupt any important files saved on your PC. It only removes the temporary data.

Moreover,  keeping more items in the clipboard will occupy more memory and affect system performance, especially when you don’t have a high-end PC.

How to Clear Clipboard History

Deleting temporarily stored data on the Clipboard is a simple and quick process. Follow the steps below to do it.

First, press the shortcut keys “Windows + L” on your keyboard to open the Settings app.

Next, click “System” on the left side panel, then locate and click “Clipboard”.

Clear Clipboard History from System settings

On the next page, click the “Clear button” beside the “Clear Clipboard Data option”.

Clear button to Clear Clipboard History

Now, you will have a clear clipboard history. It will delete your temporary files except for the pinned items.

Another method to clear clipboard history is pressing the shortcut keys “Windows + V” on your keyboard to open the clipboard.

The clipboard window will pop up. Click the “Triple-Dot menu” and select “Clear All”.

Clear all on Clipboard History

You will now have a clear clipboard history. It will erase all temporary files except those that have been pinned.

You can also clear clipboard history by using a command on Run. To do so:

First, on your keyboard, hit “Windows + R”.

Next, copy the command below, paste it onto the text box, and click “OK”.

cmd /c echo.|clip

Lastly, if you want to use this command often to clear clipboard history, you can make a shortcut for this. To do so,

First, right-click on your desktop, hover it to “New”, and click “Shortcut”.

new shortcut

The Create Shortcut window will appear, copy the command below, paste it onto the text box, and click “Next”.

cmd /c echo.|clip
create shortcut

On the next page, provide a preferred name for the Shortcut, then click the “Finish button”.

You will now see the Shortcut you created on your desktop. Whenever you want to clear clipboard history, launch it anytime.

Disable Clipboard on Windows 11

If you want to stop using the clipboard history, you can disable it indefinitely. You can always re-enable it whenever you want. Here’s how to disable the clipboard history:

First, open the Settings app by pressing the shortcut keys “Windows + L” on your keyboard.

On the left panel, select “System”, then locate and click “Clipboard”.


Next, Click the “Toggle button” beside the “Clipboard History” to disable it.

system settings

Once done, you will still be able to copy and paste functions, but you will no longer have access to the history, and the data will not sync between devices.

Utilizing the clipboard history is helpful since you don’t need repetitive motions when copying and pasting. However, you might want to clear clipboard history if you work with confidential content and personal data. Hopefully, the steps mentioned above helped you complete the task. Also, if you find it troublesome, you can permanently disable it anytime. 

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