How to Create a Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 11

Do you only have a single router at home? This article describes how to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 11.

Connectivity is usually a significant consideration when selecting a laptop or desktop computer. The majority of products now have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as standard. 

Windows 11 facilitates the sharing of internet connections and access to local networks. The Mobile hotspot function of Windows 11 transforms the smartphone into a router. You may be acquainted with this procedure while using a phone, but it also applies to PC/Laptops. 

Windows 11 computer can be used as a mobile hotspot if necessary. You can use this to connect mobile devices to the Wi-Fi signal of the PC. For instance, when your primary router is out of range, this may be useful to increase the wireless device connection.

Windows additionally permits incoming and outgoing connections to be made over the same medium. Wi-Fi allows you to use a Windows device to access the Internet while simultaneously setting up a hotspot to share data. 

This article will demonstrate how to share an Internet connection using the mobile hotspot function. Here’s how to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 11:

Customize and Create Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows 11

Creating a Wi-Fi hotspot on Windows is quick and straightforward, even if you’re not used to technical stuff. You just need to set up the details of your Wi-Fi hotspot and enable it so the devices can connect to it. To do so:

First, launch the Settings app by pressing the shortcut keys “Windows + I” on your keyboard.

The Settings app window will appear. Choose the “Network & Internet option” in the menu’s left-hand column.

network settings on settings app to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows

After that, select the “Mobile hotspot” tile to expand and customize the available options.

Configure mobile hotspot settings

Besides the “Share My Internet Connection From”, click on the drop-down menu and choose the source of the incoming connection you want to share.  

Configurations to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows

Next, Select the medium over which you’d want to distribute the hotspot by clicking the drop-down menu beside the “Share Over”. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are available as choices. If connected, Ethernet will also be shown as an option.

share over button to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows

After that, under the Properties section, click the “Edit button” beside “Network Properties”.

edit button under properties

Now, edit the name and password of the network to protect your Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows. 

Use the drop-down menu to choose a network band. The available choices depend on the network card of your device. Click the “Save button” to confirm and close the window. 

Note: Selecting the 2.4GHz frequency will give a more extended range for connectivity.

edit network information

Lastly, activate this Wi-Fi Hotspot on Windows by clicking the toggle button at the top of the page beside “Mobile Hotspot”.

mobile hotspot toggle button

You may examine the information of the connected device on the same page. 

By clicking the toggle button beside the “Power Saving option”, it will make the Wi-Fi hotspot automatically turn off when there are no devices connected.

power saving for mobile hotspot

How to Connect Devices to a Newly Created Wi-Fi Hotspot

Connecting your device to the Windows 11-created Wi-Fi hotspot is simple. Launch the network settings on your device to locate and connect to it. 

Navigate to the Settings app on your smartphone and choose Wi-Fi settings to see the list of Wi-Fi connections.

To connect, select the name of the Wi-Fi Hotspot you just established and enter the password.

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Numerous cities, corporations, and organizations have started providing public Wi-Fi hotspots. Because you can construct your Wi-Fi hotspot and it is portable, these hotspots allow users to enjoy quicker Internet connections and are handy. Using the abovementioned approach, you may quickly set up and create a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Windows 11 device.

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