How to do an Electronic Signature on Mac

You can generate an Electronic Signature if you own a Mac. Here, you will discover how to do so and what types of papers may be signed digitally.

Using your computer to sign your documents is the most convenient option. You must download the appropriate copy, mark it with your finger, and email or print it. It’s an efficient procedure, but Apple Macs include various tools for creating electronic signatures.

There is an alternative, less complicated way to sign important documents like lease agreements or tax returns if you currently use third-party software like Adobe Acrobat Reader. 

You can quickly sign almost any document using the native macOS software tools. It is possible to add signatures to Word documents, PDFs, and more. Continue reading to discover more about the electronic signature on a Mac.

What is an Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature, or e-signature, is data logically coupled with other data and utilized by the signatory to sign the related data. 

A signature in digital format. As with wet signatures, it allows signatories to accept or agree to the provisions of a document. An electronic signature simply uses computers to verify the signer’s identity and the document’s integrity.

Digital signatures are a kind of electronic signature that use complicated algorithms, certificate authorities, and trust service providers to validate the signer and the document’s integrity.

What is the purpose of an Electric Signature?

Electronic signatures allow us to sign legally binding contracts online without paper or a pen. 

They are more convenient than conventional signatures, saving time and postage since papers may be signed remotely, regardless of the recipient’s location, with practically immediate results. 

In turn, it is simple to see why electronic signatures have become a need for many small firms.

Electronic signatures are preferable to their predecessors made with ink. They are immediate, portable, and legally binding, decreasing environmental damage. Moreover, they are often supported by technology that verifies the signature’s authenticity.

Due to the portability of electronic signature solutions, you may sign or request signatures from nearly anywhere in the world using the device of your choice. 

You are not required to print, sign, scan, and resubmit your document, nor are you required to possess a fax machine for sending and receiving signed papers.

How to Create an Electronic Signature on Mac

Mac users can utilize many methods that make it simple to sign all documents. It’s also possible to sign a blank piece of paper and place it in front of your device’s screen. Here’s how to create and use an electronic signature on Mac:

Generating an Electronic Signature on a Mac with the Preview Application

You can quickly generate an electronic signature on your Mac using the Preview app. To do so:

First, locate the file you wish to have an e-signature, right-click on it, select “Open With,” and click “Preview” on the context menu.

create Electronic Signature on Mac by preview

Once the file is open in the Preview app, locate the “Show Markup Toolbar icon” in the upper right corner of the screen.

toolbar button to create Electronic Signature on Mac

The Markup Toolbar is located beneath the Primary Toolbar. Find and click on the “Sign icon”.

sign menu to create Electronic Signature on Mac

Now, you will see a button labeled “Create Signature” click on it.

create signature button

A pop-up window will open after pressing the “Create Signature” button, allowing you to create a digital signature using your Trackpad, Camera, or iPhone.

Make an E-Signature by Using Your Trackpad

First, click the “Trackpad tab” from the three choices accessible under the Sign Menu, and then click on the “Click Here To Begin button”.

click here to begin

You may now make your digital signature using your trackpad. Click “Done” to save the file. If you want to change it, click “Clear” and sign again.

sample signature

Once done, you can select the electronic signature you just made under the Sign Menu. You can resize it based on your preference and drag it to the correct position.

resize and reposition signature

Create an Electronic Signature by Using Your Camera

First, under the Sign Menu, click the “Camera tab”.

open camera to create Electronic Signature on Mac

Next, get a white scratch paper and write your signature on it. Hold it up so that the signature is visible to the camera. The preview can be seen in the open area. To save changes, click “Done.”

sample signature on camera

When finished, choose the electronic signature you created from the Sign menu. You can drag it to the appropriate position and resize it to your liking.

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Utilize Your iPhone to Generate an Electronic Signature

You can capture your Electronic Signature by using your iPhone.

First, click the iPhone tab under the Sign Menu.

iphone to create e signature

Now, you would see a dark screen on your iPhone, providing a designated sign space.

iphone signature drawing

You just need to sign using your finger and press “Done” when finished. 

It will save the e-signature under the Sign Menu, and you can now select it to insert into any document. You can drag it to the appropriate position and resize it to your liking.

With the current technological advancements, you may deliver the document digitally without having to print it, sign it, and then scan it. The methods above will assist you in creating an Electronic Signature on Mac.

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