How to Fix Battery Drain on Android 13

Recently, Google launched the latest version of the mobile operating system, Android 13. For many early adopters, this upgrade has been a complete disadvantage due to the abnormal battery issue. Here’s how you can fix battery drain on Android 13.

This update includes some amazing features, such as an improved security system to protect your privacy and app color theming for your apps. It also features a copy-and-pasting mechanism that allows you to transfer media from one Android device to another with just one click.

Along with some welcoming upgrades, the update has backfired for people due to the phone struggling to stay awake. This can be due to various reasons, such as too many notifications and alerts, a bunch of apps running in the background, an outdated operating system, and many more.

Hence, to fix battery drain on Android and help you get the most out of your screen time, we have come up with the following troubleshooting methods.

Check Active Apps and Close Them

Once you launch any application in Android, it continues to run in the background even if you have stopped using it and moved on to another. Along with lagging and a few errors, it can put a load on your battery.

Android 13 introduces a unique way to determine which apps are running in the background. That means you can check for the ones that are active all the time and constantly engage in battery usage. Here’s how you can close them.

Swipe down to the Notification Center on your device and check the number of apps beside the settings gear.

Next, tap on it to open the active app’s pop-up and check the apps that are still running. After that, hit the “Stop” button beside apps you don’t use.

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Force Stop Irrelevant Apps

Certain applications are used only once in a while, for instance, food delivery apps, ride-sharing, or carrier apps. These are rarely required. You can force-stop such apps in the background to interrupt its system and deny access to its cache files.

Since the app can no longer take advantage of the resources on your device, it stops reacting and uses less battery.

Apply the following steps to force-stop the apps.

Press and hold on to the app icon and tap on “App Info.”

app info

Next, tap on “Battery usage.”

fix battery drain on Android 13

Now, select “Force stop.”

force stop

You can repeat the same procedure for other apps as well.

Restrict Apps

Several apps are responsible for excessive battery drainage. They consume more power to perform smoothly, thus compelling you to charge your phone more often. To avoid this problem, you can restrict unnecessary apps from the app info menu.

Open the “Settings” app.

settings android

Select “Battery.”

fix battery drain on Android 13

Then tap on “Battery usage.”

fix battery drain on Android 13

Scroll and find the app which is causing the problem. Return to your home screen, then press and hold the app icon.

Tap on “App info.”

app info android

After that, select “Battery Usage.”

fix battery drain on Android 13

Lastly, turn on the button for “Allow Background Activity”  to restrict background activity for the app.

allow background activity

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Reset Network Settings

Performing network reset is a potential way to fix battery drain on Android 13. Along with that, it helps to resolve internet connectivity, bugs, and glitches. An outdated network setting configuration during or after the update can result in abnormal battery usage.

This can lead your SIM to secure a good network for the device, but in return, it consumes additional power from the battery to utilize such a network. Hence, it is important to reset the network settings on your Android phone.

Here’s how you can carry out the process.

Open the Settings app and tap on “System Settings.”

system settings

Select “Back Up and Reset.”

back up and reset

Next, press “Reset Phone.”

reset phone

Then tap on “Reset Network Settings” to reset Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile network on your device.

reset network settings

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Update Android Operating System

To keep your device running at its best, it is also necessary to update your operating system. Phone developers often release new bug fixes to improve the stability of your phone. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of the latest features of the update and protects your data at the same time. 

When it comes to problems like battery drainage, you should check for the latest updates.

Open Settings and tap on “Software Update.”

software update android

Click on “Download and Install.”

fix battery drain on Android 13

If there is any pending update, tap on “Update.” It will take some time to install and register the new update.

Use Bedtime Mode

Bedtime mode disables a few features and optimizes power usage to preserve the battery. It puts your phone on silent mode, darkens the wallpaper, and changes your theme to black and white. Along with this, it restricts data usage when you are less likely to use apps, saving battery power. 

Now, to enable it, open Settings. Then scroll down and tap on “Digital Wellbeing and Parental Controls.”

fix battery drain on Android 13

Next, select “Bedtime Mode.”

fix battery drain on Android 13

Now, set up your bedtime schedule and press “Done.”

fix battery drain on Android 13

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Use Battery Saver Mode

Battery saver mode is a feature available on all Android devices that target to limit the consumption of power so that your battery lasts a little longer. Therefore, you can utilize it to fix battery drain on Android 13 even if you still notice further battery usage. 

Head over to Settings and scroll down to “Battery.”

fix battery drain on Android 13

Then, select “Power Saving Mode.”

fix battery drain on Android 13

Lastly, tap on the toggle beside “Power Saving Mode” to enable it.

fix battery drain on Android 13

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Factory Reset

Provided that none of the above methods worked in solving the issue, the last resort is a factory restart.

This operation erases all the data from your device and wipes out any hidden virus or faulty file. Hence, it is preferable to back up your data beforehand on a secondary device.

To reset your phone, head over to Settings and select “System Settings.”

system settings

Next, select “Back up and Reset.”

back up and reset android

Then, to confirm your decision choose “Erase All Data.”

erase all data

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Battery drain on Android 13 can disappoint you despite having all the new features that come with the new update. As a result, we came up with the following tricks to make your screen time last longer and help you fix this issue.

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