How to Fix Center Stage Not Working on MacOS Ventura

Is your center stage not working on macOS Ventura? You will be able to fix this problem after reading this post.

The current version of Apple’s desktop operating system for Macs is macOS Ventura, version 19. 

It was introduced at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) and released to the public recently, succeeding macOS Monterey. In case you didn’t know, the Center stage uses machine learning technology to optimize the front Ultra-Wide camera for use with video-enabled apps like FaceTime.

In addition, the Center stage ensures that you and other users remain in the focal point of the screen regardless of where you move while using video apps.

However, some users reported that utilizing the center stage is not working on the new macOS Ventura. They complained that they would either see a blank screen or that the center stage was inactive.

If you’re one of the users facing a similar case, there’s no need to worry since this is almost a minor problem you can solve. Follow these troubleshooting methods below and see if they will help resolve the issue.

Ensure Your Devices Support Continuity Camera

The center stage feature requires an iPhone as a Continuity Camera on a Mac. Device incompatibility is to blame if you have trouble with Center Stage on your Mac.

However, you are attempting to access the Center stage using an incompatible iOS device. 

For this reason, you should ensure that your Mac and iPhone are suitable for use together.

check compatibility if Center Stage Not Working

Note that the iPhone 11 and later models are suitable for using the continuity camera on Mac. 

check compatibility if Center Stage Not Working

On the other hand, the iMac 2017, Macbook 2017, Macbook Pro 2017, Macbook Air 2018, Mac Pro 2019, iMac Pro, Mac Mini, and later models are compatible with the continuity camera.

If you’re using below models stated above, then the center stage not working issue is caused by this. 

Unfortunately, lower models are incompatible with the continuity camera; the only way is to upgrade your device model.

Enable Continuity Camera on iPhone

As stated above, the continuity camera is essential before using the center stage on Mac. 

So once you have ensured that you have the compatible devices for this, you must enable this option on your iPhone.

To do so,

First, open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap “General”.

Now, tap the “Airplay & Handoff” to proceed.

On the next screen, tap the Toggle button beside the “Continuity Camera Webcam option” to enable it.

Enable Continuity Camera to fix Center Stage Not Working

Finally, close the Settings app and verify if the continuity camera is already working for you.

Enable Center Stage on Mac

Your Mac doesn’t enable the center stage by default if you are unaware. You may mistakenly think that the center stage needs to be fixed, but you must remember to allow it. 

To enable Center Stage on Mac:

First, open any app that uses your iPhone as the continuity camera. You may use FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meets.

Once opened, click the “Control Center icon” on your Mac, located at the Task Bar at the top.

After that, click the “Video Effects option” and the “Center Stage” under the app you opened.

Video Effects button
Center Stage Not Working

Finally, close the Control Center and verify if it solved the center stage is not working issue.

Check Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on Devices

Usually, Most problems are caused by simple mistakes. Before troubleshooting, you should check if Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled on both devices. 

Since the center stage and continuity camera requires these options to function correctly, you might disable it accidentally.

To check Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on Mac:

First, Click on the “Control Center icon” on the upper right corner of the Mac screen that looks like a gear.

Now, click the “Wi-Fi icon” to enable it.

After that, click the “Bluetooth icon” to enable it.

To check Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on iPhone:

First, swipe down from the top of the iPhone screen to open the Control Center.

Now, tap the “Wi-Fi icon” to enable it.

Likewise, tap the “Bluetooth icon” to enable it as well.

Once you’ve ensured on both devices, open the Center Stage and verify if the problem is fixed.

Update macOS and iOS on Your Devices

Since the new release of macOS, Ventura can only access the center stage feature. You should check the version you’re using. 

In addition, this might cause issues with outdated apps. You should also update your iPhone’s iOS if you use the continuity camera, which is only available on the latest versions.

To update the macOS on Mac:

First, click the Apple Menu and then “System Preferences”.

Now, select “Software Update”. If there is a newer version of macOS, click on “Upgrade Now”.

update macOS

After the update, access the Center Stage feature to see if the issue persists.

To update iOS on iPhone:

First, open the Settings app and go to General > Software Update.

Software Update

If an update is available for your iPhone, you can install it by selecting “Download and Install” from the available options.

Once done, exit the Settings app and see if the problem is still present.

That would be the end of this article. Hopefully, after following the various methods above, you’ve successfully fixed the center stage not working issue.

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