How to Fix Facetime Black Screen Issue on Mac

Have you ever experienced calling someone on FaceTime, but it’s only on a black screen? It will be meaningless if you only get a dark screen with audio. This article explains how you can fix the FaceTime Black Screen problem on your Mac.

FaceTime from Apple allows users to communicate with one another. Anywhere in the world, you may video chat with other users in real-time or at a later time. Thanks to software capabilities like this, video conversations are more likely to be realistic. 

Like any other app, it works most of the time perfectly, but occasionally something may go wrong. FaceTime Black Screens on Mac can happen for a variety of reasons. The problem might be caused by anything from software incompatibility to faulty hardware. Here are some guides that you could follow to resolve the problem.

Close Other Apps and Restart The FaceTime App

A simple way to fix the Black Screen on FaceTime is close other running apps and restart FaceTime. By doing this, the RAM (Random Access Memory) is cleared of everything. Any previously used applications’ traces are completely erased. RAM has been cleaned, so you’re starting from scratch.

Here’s how to do it.

First, on the Menu Bar, click “FaceTime”. Now, click “Quit FaceTime”.

quit FaceTime on Mac

Lastly, reopen FaceTime and try if the Black Screen issue is resolved.

Restart Your Mac

Anytime a gadget is causing you problems, attempt restarting it. It just takes a few seconds, but it might save you from spending hours trying to solve the issue. It is one of the simplest and quickest ways to troubleshoot.

To do so:

Navigate to Apple Menu by clicking the “Apple logo” then, click “Restart”.

restart Mac

Your Mac will reboot, wait until it turns on and test if it fixed the Black Screen on FaceTime.

Check Your Internet Connection

network connection on Mac

Your internet connection may be unstable, or your Mac is receiving a weak signal, which might be another reason you experience Black Screen on FaceTime.  Make sure your Mac is close to the Wi-Fi router as you can be if you use a Wi-Fi network.

Test Your Webcam

A Black Screen can potentially be the effect of webcam issues. You may either attempt to open your webcam in a different application, like Zoom, or programs where you can check your web camera to see if it is operational or not.

black screen mac check webcam

By doing this, you’re identifying if it is a hardware issue or software/application problem. If your device’s webcam isn’t functioning in any of the programs, there’s a high chance of a faulty webcam.

Another thing is to ensure that no other app is currently accessing the camera on your device. If another program is using the webcam while running the FaceTime app, it may interrupt the access of your webcam. 

If so, exit the application to regain the functionality of the FaceTime video.

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Use Terminal App on Your Mac

The Terminal on Mac is like the command shortcut center, allowing you to quickly and effectively take control of your operating system by utilizing different commands. Inputting the “sudo killall VDCAssistant” and “sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant” commands on Terminal will restart camera-related apps on your Mac. 

Every time you use the built-in camera on your Mac, these applications are running in the background. The Black Screen while using FaceTime may be caused by issues with these processes.

Here’s how to do it:

First, ensure that all webcam-using programs are closed.

Then, click the Spotlight Search Icon, search for Terminal, and open relevant results.

Use terminal app to Fix Facetime Black Screen Issue on Mac

Now, a prompt window will appear. Copy the command below, then paste it into the prompt window and press “Enter”.

sudo killall VDCAssistant

If asked, type your password and press “Enter”. Next, on the same prompt window, copy and then paste this another command, then press “Enter”.

sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant

If prompted, provide your password, then hit “Enter”.

Lastly, once both commands were executed, try starting FaceTime to check if the Black Screen problem has been fixed.

Disable Screen Time

You can schedule downtime, set limits, and monitor usage with Screen Time across all of your devices. It checks how much time you spend on apps, websites, and other online activities. It can limit the usage for different apps and might be the cause of the Black Screen when using FaceTime.

Here’s how to turn it off,

First, Navigate to the Apple Menu and click “System Reference”.

system preferences on Mac to fix Black Screen

Now, a new window will appear. Click on “Screen Time”.

Next, hit “Options”, then click “Turn Off”.

Lastly, open your FaceTime and verify if it solved the issue.

Update Your Mac’s Software and FaceTime

Software Updates are required for your Mac to operate smoothly. Additionally, it might reduce security flaws. If there are any bugs, outdated software might also result in problems. 

Ensure that everything is updated, including your operating system and the FaceTime app itself, to the latest version. It can prevent security problems and enhance compatibility and program features that might be causing the Black Screen problem.

To update your Mac,

First, navigate to the Apple Menu and click “System Preferences”.

system preference Mac

Now, select “Software Update”. If there is a newer version of macOS, click on “Upgrade Now”.

software update on mac

After the update is done, open FaceTime to see if the Black Screen still persists.

Contact Apple for Support

Different things can be resolved by basic troubleshooting using core knowledge and quick research on your own. But If you’ve tried all of the methods above but the issue is still present, the last step is to Contact Apple Support for help. 

You can also search for the nearest Apple Store and make an appointment.

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