How to Fix Flashing Apple Logo on iPhone X

Do you ever experience that your iPhone keeps restarting itself and getting stuck in a loop? Don’t worry; there are many solutions available. This article will demonstrate how to resolve the iPhone X Flashing Apple Logo issue.

Flashing Apple Logo common issue

You will experience the Flashing Apple Logo issue when you restore your device from a backup or update it to a new iOS version, it occurs. Your iPhone will restart itself and become repeatedly stuck on the Apple logo. 

Your iPhone X may be flashing the Apple logo for several reasons. A possibility is that an iOS upgrade went wrong. This issue may occur if your device doesn’t have enough free space to accommodate the upgrade or if the new software is incompatible with your device.

Also, Your device might have received faulty software from you. This error can appear if you jailbreak your iPhone and an error occurs while doing the process.

It’s also conceivable that a hardware problem is to blame for your iPhone’s boot loop. The impact might harm your iPhone’s internal components if you accidentally drop it to the ground.

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This article shows how to fix the Flashing Apple Logo on iPhone X. Below are different methods you can try to resolve the issue.

Fix Flashing Apple Logo by Force Restart

The first step in resolving any technical issue is to restart the affected device. Restarting your iPhone will imitate the impact of unplugging the battery to refresh the system if the problem is due to a simple update bug. Here’s how to do it:

force restart to fix Flashing Apple Logo

First, press the “Volume Up button” and quickly release it.

Now, quickly press and release the “Volume Down button.”

Next, hold the “Side button” for approximately 10 seconds. Release the button after the Apple logo appears.

Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode makes subtle changes to the device’s operating system. While it is comparable to Recovery Mode, it is more extensive and can deal with more complex issues.

An iOS device is switched on but not yet running the operating system when it is in DFU mode. As a result, you can make changes since the operating system isn’t yet operational. Here’s how to do it:

dfu mode

First, plug your iPhone X into your Mac, then open “iTunes”. Turn off your iPhone after that.

Next, hold the “Side button” and “Volume Down button” simultaneously.

Lastly, iTunes will prompt a message that it detected your iPhone. Restore your iPhone X by following the on-screen directions.

Another method is to download third-party apps like UltFone iOS System Repair. An excellent program for fixing iPhones without losing personal data and files.

ultfone app

This iOS system repair software is a fantastic option because it doesn’t require technical expertise and is simple. It is frequently available online at no cost. 

Almost any iOS device issue, including the flashing Apple logo issue, can be resolved with it. It can also resolve several other issues and is compatible with all iOS devices.

UltFone iOS System Repair is quicker and more efficient than alternative approaches to the same problem.

The process of using it is pretty straightforward. You just need to download the program from the official site and then launch it and click the “Start Standard Repair”.

Wait for the repair to finish and verify if the Flashing Apple Logo issue is resolved.

Apple Support

Suppose the methods mentioned above failed to resolve the problem. We suggest getting in touch with Apple Support. You can also visit your local Apple Store so they can examine and repair your iPhone.

It can be annoying when the Apple logo flashes, especially if you need to use your phone. But remember that every problem might have an easy, quick fix. Hopefully, the approaches above enabled you to resolve the Flashing Apple Logo issue.

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