How to Fix iMessage Voice Messages Playing in Low Volume on iPhone

Have you tried using iMessage but experienced the voice message low volume issue? Learn the fix by reading on.

Updates to iMessage, introduced by Apple, allow users to go back and change words in a message after it has already been sent. iMessage also makes it simple to send and receive voice messages.

While most users have no trouble hearing the voice message, a small minority have noted that the volume is too quiet.A few different factors have brought about this issue. You may have accidentally adjusted the volume while on another call. 

Another thing is an obstruction in the way or a problem with the hardware or software.

If you’re facing a similar issue, you can follow these simple methods below to fix the problem.

Check iPhone’s Volume

You should check the volume level of your device before attempting more involved troubleshooting procedures. 

Sometimes we either need to remember that the volume is set to the lowest possible level or press the button for the volume control by accident.

Force Close

Even though iPhones typically handle background apps well, sometimes issues with apps may interrupt the usual functions of your iPhone. 

In this case, you could try quitting and restarting the Messages app to see if that helps. It might fix minor problems with iMessage by doing this method.

To do so,

First, open the App Switcher by swiping it up from the bottom of your screen.

Now, you’ll see all the running background apps on your iPhone. Swipe right to find the iMessage App.

Finally, swipe the iMessage app upwards to force quit it.

Restart Your iPhone

In the same way that turning off and on an electronic device often solves minor problems, rebooting your iPhone often does the trick.

It will fix any system glitches or bugs preventing your apps from being compatible with iMessage after a reboot. In turn, this causes the voice message volume to be too low.

You can solve the problem by restarting your iPhone.

To do so,

First, Hold the “Power button” until the “Power Off slider” appears.

Restart iPhone to fix Voice Message Low Volume

Next, slide the switch, then wait for your iPhone to shut down.

Once turned off, press and hold the Power button once more when your iPhone is off until the Apple logo appears.

See if the voice message low volume issue persists.

Turn Off the Bluetooth

The audio might not play on your iPhone if connected to another device, such as a Bluetooth speaker. You might not hear anything because your iPhone sends the audio to a different speaker.

When Bluetooth is disabled, the connection to the speaker is disconnected. Then the audio is again played through the speaker on your iPhone.

To disable Bluetooth:

First, open the Settings app and tap “Bluetooth”.

Now, tap the Toggle button beside the “Bluetooth option” to disable it.

Disable Bluetooth to fix Voice Message Low Volume

After that, close the Settings app and verify if the voice message low volume issue persists.

Disable Noise Cancellation

Some iPhone users can benefit from the accessibility feature known as noise cancellation, which allows them to hear more clearly. 

Nevertheless, if you struggle with the voice message’s low volume, the following tip could be of assistance.

To do so,

First, navigate to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual.

Now, tap the Toggle button beside the “iPhone Noise Cancellation option” to disable it.

Disable Noise Cancellation to fix Voice Message Low Volume

Once done, close the Settings app and verify if the issue persists.

Disable the Raise To Listen Option

If you didn’t know, your iPhone has a feature called Raise To Listen.

With this feature, you can skip tapping the play button and just hold the phone up to your ear to listen to your voicemails and audio messages.

You can try disabling this feature and see if it will fix the voice message low volume issue.

To do so,

First, open the Settings app and tap on “Messages”.

Now, tap the Toggle button beside the “Raise To Listen” to disable it.

Raise To Listen

Finally, close the Settings app and verify if the problem is solved.

Update iOS

As stated above, this problem is caused by several errors or bugs in the most recent version of the Messages app.

Since this is a system app, you must ensure that the most recent version of iOS is installed. 

To do so,

First, open the “Settings app” and go to General > Software Update.

Software Update

If an update is available for your iPhone, install it by selecting “Download and Install”.

Once done, verify if the voice message low volume issue is resolved.

Get Help From Apple

If any of the abovementioned methods do not help, we recommend you get help from Apple. You may encounter internal hardware damages that cause your microphone or speaker to have low-volume outputs. You may go to the nearest Apple Store to get your iPhone checked.

Without a doubt, iMessage is still a fantastic method for keeping in touch with loved ones. If you’re looking for a good internet messaging app, it has everything you want. However, it is frustrating when you have low-volume voice message issues. Hopefully, after following the methods above, you successfully fixed this issue.

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