How to Fix Music App Crash on iOS 16

Are you experiencing your Music App Crash? Most likely, it is caused by the new iOS 16 update. Learn more about the problem and how to fix it by reading on.

Apple recently released its latest operating system version, the iOS 16. It comes with new features and designs. Users of iPhones couldn’t wait to update their devices because of these new features.

However, most of the time, the latest versions have bugs and glitches, especially regarding app compatibility. Most users reported that they are facing problems with their app crashes. Music app crash is one of the often reported problems after updating and installing the iOS 16 version.

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Your apps may collapse in iOS 16 for a variety of reasons. Understandably, the iOS 16 beta, Apple’s pre-release software, hasn’t been thoroughly tested with all of the apps. It may have problems and poor performance that causes the apps to crash.

Additionally, device storage and outdated apps are things to consider when upgrading to iOS 16. Outdated apps could not be compatible with the latest operating system version, which could cause system errors and crashes.

If you’re one of the users facing this problem, there is no need to worry since this is a common issue for most iOS 16 users. 

Follow the quick and straightforward methods below to fix Music App Crash issue on your device without using special tools and software.

Fix the Crash by Force Quitting the Music App

When an iPhone app crashes or freezes repeatedly, we advise forcing the program to close and relaunch. It is one of the quickest ways to fix it. 

To do so,

First, open the App Switcher by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and pausing in the middle.

close from app switcher to fix Music App Crash

Now, swipe left or right to locate the Music App, then close it by swiping it up.

Wait a few seconds before relaunching it and checking if the problem is solved.

Check Storage Space

You may be experiencing multiple instances of the Music App Crash due to low storage. iOS 16 requires large storage space. As a result, it may consume most of your iPhone’s storage, leaving no room for music or other media. Here’s how to check your device’s storage:

First, navigate to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

check storage to fix Music App Crash

Now, you will see the summary of your used and free space. Ideally, your iPhone should have 10GB of free space for the Music App.

If you don’t have enough storage space, try uninstalling other apps and verify if that would solve the Music App Crash issue.

Restart Your iPhone If Music App Crashes

The first step in resolving any technical issue is to restart the affected device. It enhances your iPhone’s performance even when nothing is wrong. 

If you’re iPhone froze or not responding while using Music App, try to force restart. There are various methods for doing this, depending on the model of the iPhone you’re using.

Force Restart iPhone 8 and Above

The home button is absent from the newest iPhone models. But it won’t matter because pressing the volume buttons and the side/lock screen button are all required to force a restart. To do this:

force restart

First, press and quickly release the “Volume Up button”.

Then, press and quickly release the “Volume Down button”.

Next, press the “Side button” and hold for about 10 seconds. Wait for the Apple logo to appear, then release the button.

Force Restart for iPhone 7

Similar steps are required to restart the iPhone 7, but you must simultaneously press both buttons. To do this:

force restart

Press and hold both the “Volume Down button” and the “Sleep/Wake button” simultaneously. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Force Restart iPhone 6s or iPhone SE (1st generation)

force restart

Press and hold the “Sleep/Wake button” and the “Home button” simultaneously. When the Apple logo appears, release both buttons.

Reinstall Music App to Fix the Crash

iOS 16 had some significant bugs that Apple will fix in future app updates. Therefore, remove the outdated Music app from your iPhone and replace it with a brand-new version downloaded from the Appstore. Here’s how to do it:

First, delete the Music App.

Now, search for “Music App” on App Store.

Next, tap the “Download icon” to install the Music App.

download apple music to fix Music App Crash

A prompt will appear. Select the “Download option”.

Once done, log in to your Apple ID credentials and verify if the issue is resolved.

Reset iPhone Settings

The process lets you reset your iPhone’s settings to their original state, making it feel like a brand-new device. This procedure will fix the problem with the Music App crashing.

Note: All customized settings, including sound, network, and other settings, are reset to their default values. Resetting won’t delete personal data and information if you reset your iPhone’s settings.

To do so,

First, navigate to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Now, select “Reset” and then tap “Reset Settings”.

reset all settings

Finally, wait for the iPhone to reset its settings to default. It will take a few minutes then verify if the Music App Crash issue persists.

This concludes the troubleshooting section for the iOS 16 Music app crash. Hopefully, the methods above should help you temporarily resolve the problem until Apple releases a new patch update.

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