How to Fix OBS Black Screen Issue on macOS

The OBS Black Screen is a common issue while using the program. The screen suddenly turns black or frozen. Learn different solutions to the problem by reading on.

OBS has become one of the most well-liked live-streaming tools for content producers over the last ten or so years. The program is simple to use, intuitive, and cost-free.

Most gamers choose OBS studio because it is a well-liked real-time screen recorder and streamer when they want to capture gameplay and broadcast it live.

Most devices can use the software without any issues. Although OBS is compatible with Mac, many users concur that some features function more efficiently on a Windows PC.

Even if a program is compatible with your device, there will inevitably be issues. When using OBS Studio on their Macbooks for display capture, some users experience the OBS Black Screen issue.

There are various causes of the OBS black screen issue. It could be as simple as application permissions or compatibility problems. Also, you should consider graphics card issues since it is the most utilized hardware when using the OBS program.

If you’re facing a similar case, keep calm and don’t panic because there are many solutions to fix the problem. Let’s look at the different methods to do it without further ado.

Restart your Mac

Whenever a device is giving you trouble, try restarting it. It only takes a few seconds, but it could spare you from trying to solve the problem for hours. One of the easiest and quickest methods of troubleshooting is this.

To do so,

Navigate to Apple Menu by clicking the “Apple logo” then click “Restart”.

restart device to fix OBS Black Screen

Your Mac will reboot, wait until it turns on and test if it fixed the OBS Black Screen issue.

Allow Permission to Use OBS to Fix Black Screen

Another reason you might be experiencing the issue is that your application doesn’t have screen recording permission.

You must have given access to OBS because, in practice, it is sharing all of your online content and computer usage. We’ll be doing this to see if it resolves the problem.

To do so,

First, open the System Settings and click “Security & Privacy”.

Under the “Privacy tab”, select the “Screen Recording option” on the left side panel and enable access to OBS by ticking the box.

configure privacy permission to fix OBS Black Screen

To confirm that the display capture is operational, restart OBS. When you open the OBS application, you will notice that the display capture video source functions as it should.

Close Other Running Applications

If you have multiple applications running on your Mac, they might clash with one another’s background programs. There is a good chance that an app will conflict with OBS. It might cause all screen recording videos to have a black screen.

Here’s how to end other background programs that are currently running:

First, open the Force Quit window by pressing the “option + command + Esc” shortcut keys on your keyboard.

The Force Quit Applications window will appear. Select all unnecessary apps on the list and click the “Force Quit button”.

force quit apps to fix OBS Black Screen

Do this to all other apps to ensure no running applications except OBS Studio.

Finally, relaunch the OBS App and check if the black screen issue persists.

Fix Black Screen by Resetting OBS settings

There can be many issues if the OBS app on your Macbook has the wrong in-app settings. Return to the default settings and see if that solves the problem. Here’s how to do it:

First, launch the OBS app on your Mac.

On the upper left corner, click on the “File” and select “Show Settings Folder”.

settings folder

Everything about OBS is in the folder that just opened on your computer. Delete this folder’s entire contents and then relaunch the OBS app and see if the black screen issue has been resolved.

Uninstall/Reinstall OBS 

You should consider reinstalling OBS if none of the abovementioned methods help, and you can still not stream your game or screen successfully. You might be using an outdated or corrupt copy with various module problems.

You just need to uninstall the OBS application, download the installer, and then follow the on-screen instructions for the installation.

Note: Make sure you have saved all the required work because this solution will wipe out your preset configurations.

install OBS studio

Try Using Different Software

You can try the best OBS alternative to assist with screen capture on Mac after trying the comprehensive solutions listed above but still experiencing the OBS black screen issue.

By doing this, you can determine whether the issue only affects OBS App or whether it affects other screen capture programs as well.

An excellent 4K video converter with screen recording and video editing features is MacX Video Converter Pro. You can use it to capture screens.

To do so,

First, download the app on App Store and launch it after that.

Next, click the “Recorder button”.

After that, all you need to do is click the “Blue Record button” to start recording and verify if that software is working fine.

MacX Video Converter Pro

If using other screen capture software is not a big deal for you, this is a good alternative for OBS Studio.

OBS Studio is a helpful app for those who make content. You get all the tools for free with this software. It is annoying to experience the OBS Black Screen issue, especially when working on a project. I hope the methods I just mentioned helped you fix it on macOS.

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