How to Fix Pink Glitch on iPhone 12

Experiencing Pink Glitches on iPhone 12 may seem like your iPhone is broken, but it’s not. There are a few common iOS problems, and here’s what you can do about them.

With each new product and production, Apple surpasses itself. The iPhone 12 is just one in a long line of exceptional mobile devices. It has excellent features and designs that match your personal preferences.

However, despite having a high-quality system, sometimes you encounter different issues even though your device is brand new.

Some users reported that they experienced their iPhone abruptly becoming unresponsive, showing some pink artifacts on the screen and emitting a brief static-like sound.

Fix Pink Glitch on iphone

If you’re unaware, this error is known as the Pink Glitch or the Pink Screen of Death. There are numerous causes of the pink screen of death. Usually, it is occasionally linked to an improper installation of the iOS.

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According to Apple, the bug frequently occurs when the iPhone system is locked. A pink screen may appear if your device is outdated or the operating system has become problematic. 

Also, system viruses and malware could be the cause that you get if you download something from an unverified source.

Additionally, hardware malfunction might also cause the problem. The pink glitch on an iPhone can result from a defective screen.

You can do several things if your iPhone keeps freezing and glitching. You might be able to fix the Pink Glitch issue on your iPhone 12 by following the brief and easy instructions below.

Force Restart to fix Pink Glitch

Restarting a defective device is the first step in fixing any technical issue. If the problem results from a simple update bug, restarting your iPhone will simulate the effects of unplugging the battery to refresh the system. Here’s how you do it:

force reset to Fix Pink Glitch

First, press and quickly release the “Volume Up button.”

Press and release the “Volume Down button” quickly now.

Hold the “Side button” for a couple of seconds. As soon as the Apple logo appears, depress the button.

After rebooting, verify if restarting the device resolved the Pink Glitch on your iPhone 12.

Fix Pink Glitch by Updating Apps

If a software bug causes the problem, it’s practical to update all your apps to the latest version. An outdated application on your device can cause a software issue leading to iPhone pink Glitches.

Also, you can delete the suspicious recently installed app that could cause this problem. To do so,

First, open “App Store” and then tap on your Profile.

You will see the list of apps that have available updates. You can update them one by one by clicking on the “Update button” beside every app or tapping on the “Update All” to update all apps.

update all apps

Also, you can delete suspicious apps on the same page by holding its icon and selecting “Delete”.

Reset iPhone Settings

The method that will help you restore your iPhone’s settings to how they were before, like a brand new iPhone. Doing this will resolve incorrect or flawed settings causing the iPhone pink glitch. 

Note: All customized settings are restored to default values, such as sound settings, network settings, and other customized settings. Resetting iPhone settings will not delete personal data and information.

Here’s how to do it:

First, navigate to Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Now, select “Reset” and then tap “Reset Settings”.

reset all settings

Finally, wait for the iPhone to reset its settings to default. It will take a few minutes then verify if the Pink Glitch problem persists.

Utilize Recovery Mode to Fix Pink Glitch

If the methods mentioned above did not work, try using Recovery mode and restoring the iOS by plugging your iPhone into your Mac.

An alternative to performing a factory reset is to use this method. Considering that it will remove all settings and data from your iPhone. Additionally, it will install the most recent iOS version on your phone.

To do so,

First, connect your iPhone to the Mac, launch the “Finder app”, and choose the iPhone from the sidebar.

Next, quickly press and release the “Volume Up button.” then do the same on the “Volume Down button”.

After that, immediately press and hold the “Side button” and wait for the restore page to appear.

Recovery mode

On your Mac, it will now attempt to reinstall iOS on the iPhone when you click “Update”.

Contact Apple

If Most of the methods mentioned earlier won’t work, contact Apple Support for assistance. Also, if you think you have a hardware issue. In that case, we suggest that you visit the closest Apple Store so that they can examine and repair your iPhone.

When your phone displays Pink Glitches, it can be incredibly frightening. You might worry that the error will corrupt your important data and files. Hopefully, following the above instructions will have greatly aided you in finding the solution.

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