How to Fix Skipping Songs in Playlists and Albums on Apple Music

Have you ever been listening to Apple Music when it suddenly and randomly starts skipping songs? Don’t worry if you are having this problem. This problem affects a lot of people, including you.

Apple’s music streaming service is called Apple Music. Users can use a web browser or specialized apps to access the service. 

Additionally, due to its smooth ecosystem integration, it is a favorite among many Apple device owners. The service offers an enormous playlist with millions of songs and good audio quality.

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Skipping Songs issue on apple music

However, a frustrating bug now causes songs in a playlist or album to skip abruptly. On Apple Music, users report two different kinds of skipping. One entirely misses songs, and the other laggingly skips through songs like a scratched CD.

The Skipping Songs Issue may happen for various reasons. It can be a network issue; sometimes, hardware and software problems can cause your songs to skip.

If you’re experiencing the same scenario, follow the different methods below to fix the Skipping Songs in Playlist issue.

Check Your Internet Connection

The most frequent problem is a lack of internet connectivity. Enough internet speed might be available to launch the app and perhaps even begin the song.

 However, a slow internet connection will interrupt songs’ loading or buffering. As a result, skipping through albums or songs on the playlist may happen.

See how fast your connection is and how well your internet is working. You can check your internet speed for free on websites like Speedtest.

Pay attention to both the download speed and the ping. For streaming any type of media, a ping of less than 50 ms is ideal. 

Try to change your Internet connection or use Mobile Data if your download speed is slow or your ping rate is high. Also, to play songs offline, you can download them with a strong signal before going out.

Disable Lossless to Prevent Skipping Songs

The original audio file is preserved in its entirety thanks to this feature. As a result, Apple Music subscribers can hear the same music the artists produced in the studio. 

Disabling it may fix the issue, but you should first turn off the Lossless option in the Apple Music app before downloading the playlist again. 

To do so,

First, open the Settings app and tap on “Music”.

Next, go to “Audio Quality” and tap on the toggle button beside “Lossless Audio option” to disable it.

disable lossless audio to fix Skipping Songs

Next, go back to Apple Music, delete your playlist, and then download it again.

Once done, verify if the Skipping Songs in Playlist issue persists.

Fix the Skipping Songs Issue by Disable/Re-Enable the Sync Library

Consider turning off and then turning back on Sync Library if you use it. Disabling it will give it a new instance to work with and update its underlying settings. And this, in turn, might also solve the underlying problem. Here’s how to do it:

First, launch the Settings app and then tap on “Music”.

Locate the “Sync Library option”, and tap on the Toggle button beside it to disable it.

After a few seconds, tap on the same Toggle button again to re-enable it.

toggle sync library

Once done, go back to Apple Music, delete your playlist, and re-download it. 

The guide on how to fix the Skipping Songs in Playlists issue comes to a close with this. Skipping Songs Issue can be for many different reasons. Hopefully, following the methods above solved the problem.

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