How to Get Live Lyrics of a Song Playing Near You on iPhone

Do you want to get live lyrics of a song playing close to your iPhone? Learn how to do it and what applications you need by reading on.

Listening to music may comfort the heartbroken, inspire runners, and start the most spectacular dance parties. Still, it also has significant scientific advantages for our health and well-being.

Sometimes you’ll be in a situation where you’ll hear a banger song.  However, you don’t know the song’s title, but you can only remember the tune and melody. Now you’re trying your best to search for the lyrics.

Thankfully, you can quickly get live lyrics of the song by using an app on your iPhone. It will search on the spot for the lyrics so you can sing along with your friends. 

Use Shazam to Get Live Lyrics of a Song

Shazam is a program that uses the device’s microphone and a brief sample to identify songs, videos, commercials, and television shows. You can get live lyrics for the majority of songs today. All you have to do is recognize the music and play it in the Shazam app.

To use the song-identification feature on your iPhone, however, you’ll need to download the app from the App Store if you don’t already have it. 

Since Shazam is a partner of Apple, there is no need to worry about paying. You can download the app for free on your iPhone.

Use Siri to Get Live Lyrics 

You can use Siri for a more convenient way of searching the song’s lyrics.

Try saying, “Hey, Siri, what song is playing?” or “Hey, Siri, can you identify the song currently playing?” on your iPhone.

Siri will optimize shazam and will try to get live lyrics for you. 

If the app recognizes the song, a notification will pop up. Tap on it to open the music from the Shazam app.

shazam to Get Live Lyrics

The App will appear, and you can access the song’s lyrics.

Get Live Lyrics Directly by Launching Shazam App

Another thing, if you don’t want to use voice commands, you can also directly access the shazam App. Launch the app, and it will identify whatever song is playing nearby.

tap shazam to Get Live Lyrics

Once opened, To access the live lyrics, choose the “Lyrics option” from the controls at the top of the screen.

music play icon

Live lyrics that move in time with the song being played nearby will then display. 

The Shazam app might not have the live lyrics for every song. However, the words will still be visible; they won’t be automatically synced with the music playing. 

Use SoundHound

SoundHound is a free app that can detect a song you’re playing, singing, or humming. This app is beneficial if you’re trying to identify a song. You can also play music over the speakers of your iPhone while using the app. Here’s how to get live lyrics using SoundHound on your iPhone:

First, download the SoundHound app on the App Store.

Once done, launch the app and click the “Orange Circle” visible on the screen’s center. 


It will automatically identify the song playing, and relevant results will pop up.

Below the “Play button” is a little section containing the lyrics. Tap that area to view the lyrics in full-screen mode.

Now the song lyrics will play with the music. It will scroll through them automatically in time with the song.

Listening to a good song could affect our productivity and energy for everyday living. Today’s technology makes it an excellent thing to identify a song’s title quickly. Hopefully, the guide mentioned above helped you get live lyrics of a song playing near your iPhone.

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