How to Fix HomePod Volume Cannot Change on iPhone

The HomePod is a great speaker, but it’s not perfect. This article shows to fix the HomePod Volume Cannot Change Issue on iPhone.

The Apple HomePod is the brand’s multi-room capable smart speaker that is Wi-Fi connected. Apple’s smart speaker comprises various hardware components that produce a full-range sound.

HomePod Volume Cannot Change on iphone issue

Additionally, it is improved by adjusting to its surroundings and collaborating with other devices and features such as Siri. 

You can do so if you prefer to use an iPad or iPhone rather than Siri to control the Home Pod. However, we are all aware that these intelligent devices occasionally fail to perform as intended. 

Many people have trouble because they can’t adjust the HomePod’s volume using their iPhone or iPad. There are various possible reasons, like software issues or connection problems. 

If you’re experiencing the same case, don’t worry; below are straightforward methods without special tools to fix the HomePod Volume Cannot Change Issue on iPhone.

Fix HomePod Volume Cannot Change Issue by Restarting It

For the majority of today’s devices, a simple restart occasionally suffices. Rebooting your HomePod will clear any bugs or simple connection issues. To restart your HomePod:

First, open the “Home app” on your iPhone or iPad.

Next, press and hold the “HomePod” until a menu pops up and then tap on “Restart HomePod”.

restart homepod to fix Volume Cannot Change issue

Wait for the HomePod to reboot and check if restarting resolved the issue.

If You Cannot Change HomePod’s Volume; Access Control Center

If pressing the Volume button on your iPhone doesn’t work, try adjusting it on Control Center. Every iPhone has a control center that makes it simple to see which devices are connected and how loud they are used. 

You can check the volume indicated by swiping up from the bottom of your screen to adjust the volume.

control center

Reset HomePod to Default Settings

Sometimes you download and install files or programs from unsecured sources that modify your device’s configurations. These changes could affect the settings of the HomePod, which may cause app compatibility. 

Resetting the HomePod app to default settings will clear all saved formats and make your device settings brand new. Here’s how to do it:

First, unplug the HomePod power adapter. After a couple of seconds, plug it in again.

After that, hold the top part of the HomePod and wait until the spinning light turns into white color.

Then, Siri will announce that you’re about to reset the HomePod to factory settings. You will hear three beeps, and the process is done.

reset homepod to factory settings

Now verify if the HomePod Volume Cannot Change on iPhone Issue is resolved.

Get Help from Apple

If the methods mentioned above don’t help, perhaps your HomePod is faulty or has a hardware issue. Try contacting Apple Support for assistance, or visit the nearest Apple Store to check your HomePod. 

HomePod is an excellent device from Apple that focuses on sound quality. Unfortunately, every device could encounter issues. Suppose you’re one of the users who have the same case. In that case, we hope the HomePod’s volume will be under your control after following the above troubleshooting methods.

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