How to Loop a Video on iPhone

Looping films are becoming increasingly popular on social media, and many people want to produce their own and share them with others. Some don’t know how to loop an iPhone video.

Looping is the practice of re-creating a movie or a still image in an infinite loop to appear as if it is continuously being played. They are using Boomerang, which allows users to create short GIF-style videos that playback and forth continuously; video loops have become increasingly popular on Instagram.

In this article, we’ll be showing you the different ways to loop your iPhone videos; let’s get started!

How to Loop a Video on iPhone

Creatively using this feature is becoming increasingly popular. Now that some individuals don’t know how to make looping videos, we will explain how to loop a video on iPhone videos in this article.

Using Live Photos

This feature in the iPhone’s Photos app allows users to make video loops that are only compatible with the iPhone. Most iPhone owners are unaware that Live Photos record a continuous series of frames 1.5 seconds before and after the actual photograph is taken. You can edit the video yourself or create endless loops by selecting a frame from the shot.

First, make sure you have the Live Photos setting on your iPhone. To use Live Photos to produce a looping video, you must first activate the Live Photos setting on your iPhone before proceeding. You can find the Live Photo icon on your iPhone’s camera. It will be on the top corner of your screen, tap on it, and you’re good to go.

Live photo
How to Loop a Video on iPhone

You can also view your Live Photos in your Album, and it’s under the Media Types.  

If you open the Album, you’ll find a collection of photos you’ve taken as a Live Photo. For you to create loop videos, click on one of the photos. You can also make new ones according to your liking.

Choose a Live Photo you want to loop, and once opened, a small icon on the top will show that it’s a Live photo. 

How to Loop a Video on iPhone

Additional options are available when you tap on the “Live” label inside a photo. Select the ‘Bounce‘ option in the overflow menu that displays to make a loop-like clip of the Live Photos.

How to Loop a Video on iPhone

When you select the bounce option, the Live Photos will begin to play in a GIF-like loop. But do not forget to save your video; you can save the loop video using your Share button at the bottom left of your screen.

How to Share Loop Videos

Select ‘Save to Files’ from the Share options that display. Here, you can choose which apps you want to share this looping video with.

Using Apps

There are also other ways you can edit your video into a loop if you haven’t gotten the chance to use Live Photos. This section will show you different third-party apps you can use to Loop your videos.


Look no further if you’re looking to create Instagram boomerangs with looping videos. To create looping videos, you can use the Instagram app itself.

To create an Instagram looping video, follow the same steps as you would when making any other video on the app. Take a Boomerang using the Instagram ‘+’ menu. After that, record a video of it and edit it.

Click the ‘+’ symbol > Story to access Instagram’s story view.

How to Loop a Video on iPhone

Once opened, choose the Boomerang option.

How to Loop a Video on iPhone

You can now enjoy your Loop video using Instagram’s Boomerang feature.


iMovie is a more advanced app in iOS that is included in the selection. Using this program, you can loop the video and edit it. A looping video can be played for an infinite time using the built-in player; however, saving the looping video requires a certain amount of storage space; hence this feature is not available.

How to Loop a Video on iPhone

You first have to open iMovie, then select the video clip you want to loop and press the play button.

Loop Playback can be activated by clicking the View menu and selecting the option. It will keep repeating itself as long as you don’t stop it.

You can also share your loop videos using the Share button. Feel free to share them with your favorite apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.


Loopideo is the iPhone software that answers how to loop a video. Play any video from your collection in a loop with this application. iPhone, iPod, and iPad owners with iOS 6 or higher can use Loopideo to loop videos.

How to Loop a Video on iPhone

Note: You cannot save a looped version of an iPhone movie with this software (which could take up a certain amount of storage space). To loop, you must use the Loopideo software.

Loop Video – GIF Maker

A more feature-rich version of Loopideo is available for Apple’s App Store. Using Loopideo, you may set the videos to repeat themselves an infinite number of times. It’s also possible to select the video formats in which you want to export the looping video. 

This program also allows you to set the playback speed and then convert it into GIF speed so that you may save it in your gallery.

We have shown you different options to loop your videos. Now that you’re an expert in looping your videos. You can now have fun and play with your creativity using this feature.

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