How to Fix No Internet Secured Problem on Windows 11

In a modern world where the internet is considered as one of the essentials in day-to-day living, encountering a “No Internet, Secured” problem while using your Windows 11 computer might be a hassle for you. 

If you are here to find solutions, then this article will help you fix the “No Internet, Secured” problem on Windows 11.

Before going over the solutions, let us first find out the meaning of No Internet, Secured.

‘No Internet, Secured’ Error Message

The “No Internet, Secured” error message pops up whenever your computer encounters a connection or wireless configuration problem. Sometimes, it may appear as a notification on your screen. This indicates that your computer has encountered the following: no internet activity, your computer is connected to a network, but there are connectivity issues and ISP or IP address issues.

So whatever the underlying factor that may cause this issue, we will discuss and troubleshoot it one by one.

Your Computer’s Proximity to the Router

You should take note that your computer’s distance to the internet router is a big factor in ensuring that your computer has a stable internet connectivity. 

Ensure that your computer is close to the router and that your router and modem are placed in a good spot, away from any obstructions that may cause the connectivity signals to weaken. Adjust their placements, if you must, to ensure that your devices are in a close distance from each other.

‘Forget’ Your Computer’s Internet Connection

A primary internet connection that you always use for your computer might be ideal and convenient, but sometimes, it can also cause connectivity errors. Although your computer remembers all the connection data that it uses, when there are times that the settings are modified, such as the name or other configurations, it may fail to connect to that network.

However, you can fix this by forgetting that particular internet connection. By doing this, Windows will erase all the data that has been saved.

Start by opening the “Settings” application.

Select “Network and Internet”.

network and internet settings to fix the no internet, secured message

After that, choose “Wi-Fi” from the options and then click “Manage Known Networks”.

wi-fi and manage known networks for no internet, secured problem

A list of Wi-Fi networks will pop up. Make sure to select the Wi-Fi connection that you intend to forget and fix.

Click “Forget” from the options.

forget a wi-fi network to fix no internet, secured problem

Once you are done with the process, try to connect to it again and see if it works.

Restart Your Router and Modem

Since this is an internet issue, another thing to do is to try to restart your router and modem. Restarting your modem helps the device to cool off and refresh.

To restart, first, unplug the modem from the power source or outlet.

Wait for at least 30 seconds, and then, plug it back into the power source or outlet.

After that, wait for another one to two minutes, and then, turn on your modem.

Lastly, wait for all the indicator lights to turn green, or in some modems, the indicator lights are blue, which signals that your modem has power and an active internet connection.

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Restart Your Computer

Restarting your computer helps solve a lot of issues. Doing this helps your computer to run smoothly by fixing performance issues, RAM problems, and internet connectivity issues, to name a few.

To restart your computer, click the “Start” button on your computer’s taskbar.

The Start menu will pop up. 

After that, locate the power button.

Once you find the power button, choose “Restart” among the options.

restart using the power button from the start menu to fix no internet, secured problem

Reset Your Computer’s Network

Your computer’s network settings are where all the network-related features and settings can be found. If you reset your computer’s network, the system will remove any network adapters installed. Users perform this on their computers when they can connect to the internet but not on shared network drives.

To reset your computer’s network, first, type “Network Reset” in the search bar.

Click “Network Reset” under Best Match results.

network reset system settings under best match results to fix no internet, secured problem

Once the Network Reset window opens, select “Reset Now”.

rest now in the network reset settings to fix no internet, secured message

After that, close all your open programs and restart your computer.

Once your computer has restarted, and the system is up and running, all the previous network settings will be removed.

Connect to the internet again and type in the password.

After that, see if the issue has been resolved.

Just take note that when you reset your computer’s network, it will take a while before your computer can use the internet. This is because all your saved internet networks have been deleted in the process.

Disable Your VPN

VPN, known as Virtual Private Network, is a secure and encrypted connection between your computer and the internet. VPN adds security when you connect to various web-based services and websites.

If your computer is connected to a VPN, make sure to disable it, as this may interfere and cause issues with the network connection.

To disable a VPN, first, go to Settings > Network and Internet.

network and internet settings

Next, on the Network and Internet window, choose “VPN” among the options listed on the side panel.

Select “Change Adapter Options” located on the bottom part of the screen.

VPN settings, change adapter options

A pop-up window will show you the list of VPNs. Make sure to disable it if you are currently using a VPN.

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Run Network Troubleshooter

Whenever your computer encounters an issue, it is recommended to run the Network Troubleshooter. This helps you to identify, diagnose, and resolve your computer’s issues. One of the things that a Network Troubleshooter fixes is the computer network connection.

To run Network Troubleshooter, press the “Windows key + i” to open Settings.

Once you are on the Settings window, select “Network and Internet”.

network and internet settings

Scroll down to locate “Network Troubleshooter”.

network troubleshooter in the settings app

The Network Adapter window will pop up. 

network adapter window

It will take a while to load the information. 

After that, select the network connection that you want to troubleshoot.

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Seeing a “No Internet, Secured” problem signals a hassle to users, especially if the activities that you do on your computer are mostly online. Hopefully, you’ll be able to resolve and fix the issue with the above-mentioned methods.

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