How to Open 7z Files on Mac

Compressing files is a common process people use to trim down file sizes when uploading or sending them online. A 7z file is an archived file that uses a 7z file extension. These are created using file compression tools, 7-Zip being the most popular. 

7z files are like other compressed formats such as ZIP, ISO, and RAR but offer a higher compression ratio and include AES-256 encryption. 

7z makes it easy for users to share large files online. This is due to their high compression rate, which not only makes them take less space on your storage but also makes them faster and more convenient to send. 

These file types also support large file sizes and can even compress up to 16 billion gigabytes. 

Unfortunately, 7z files can only be decompressed by its official unpacking software, 7-Zip. While this tool works flawlessly, it is only available on Windows. 

Due to this, many Apple fans are encountering issues when accessing files with 7z formats. 

In this guide, we will show you how you can open 7z files on Mac. 

Are 7z Files Safe?

In general, 7z files are completely safe. They cannot steal your information or damage your system. As long as you have antivirus software, you should be safe from harmful files and malware. 

With that said, we strongly advise users to only unpack 7z files from trusted sources or people they know. 

Although 7z files are not harmful, the files inside them may contain malware, trojan, and other viruses. Sadly, malware can have some pretty damaging effects on your system, such as decreased performance, missing files, or corrupted system resources. 

How to Open 7z Files on Mac? 

As we have mentioned, the official unpacking software for 7z files is only available for Windows. One of the quickest workarounds for this is to run software like Parallels Desktop so that you can run Windows on your Mac. 

However, Parallels is not free software and requires a monthly subscription if you need to use it long-term. 

Sadly, macOS doesn’t come with a preloaded program for opening 7z files. Nonetheless, they can decompress other archived files, like ZIP, RAR, and ISO. 

Here’s how you can open 7z files on Mac: 

To start off, open the Finder on your Mac by pressing the “Command + Space keys” on your keyboard. 

Now, look for the “App Store” and launch it. 

open 7z files on mac

Inside the App Store, search for “Unarchiver” and download the software on your Mac.

open 7z files on mac

Once installed, open the program on your computer. From there, you can perform several tasks using the software. 

  • Unarchive – decompress 7z files and other formats on your Mac.
  • Compress – archive files on your Mac to get them ready for sending or uploading online.
  • Add Files – add files or compressed files to the program for compressing or decompressing. 

In most cases, 7z files contain a lot of compressed data. As a reminder, don’t be surprised to see your file expand to a much larger size after decompression. You should also ensure that you have enough space on your hard drive before decompressing 7z files. 

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