How to Use the PC Manager App on Windows 11

Microsoft ensures to always offer new and improved features for Windows 11 users. And included in the list of what to expect in Windows 11 is the launch of the PC Manager app, Microsoft’s PC optimizer and cleaner app.

So what do we know about the PC Manager app? The PC Manager app is a Microsoft cleaner app that helps boost, declutter, and speed up your computer’s performance. It has storage and process management. And it also disables programs that are affecting your computer’s health and usage. Although it was first launched in the Chinese market, other users can still download and use it.

If you’re here to gain knowledge on how to use the PC Manager app on Windows 11, then you’ve come to the right article.

Before we begin, you have to ensure that your PC is running a Windows 11 version, or in some cases, other Windows versions such as the 10 Pro and 1809 or above, for you to be able to download and use the PC Manager app.

On the other hand, if you’ve already downloaded the app and are just looking for different ways on how to use it, then you may skip this portion.

Before downloading the PC Manager app, first, conduct a quick check on what Windows version you’re currently using by going to Settings > System > About.

Go over “Edition” to confirm your Windows version.

check windows specifications for PC Manager app

Once you’ve confirmed your Windows version and found out that you are eligible for the download and use of the PC Manager app, then let’s now proceed with the different ways on how to use the PC Manager app on Windows 11.

Download the PC Manager App

If you are a first-timer for this Windows 11 feature, you must download the PC Manager app first.

To download the app, go to this link.

Once the website prompts, click “Download for Free”.

PC Manager app website

After downloading, run the application and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Once you have the PC Manager app on your computer, then you’re good to proceed.

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Launch the PC Manager App

Of course, before we can use the app and its features, we have to launch it first.

There are different ways on how to launch PC Manager, and you can access it anytime you feel there is a need to.

Here are the two options on how to launch the PC Manager app.

First, search for the PC Manager app in your Start menu, and then, click “PC Manager” under best match.

You can also access it by clicking on the PC Manager icon located on your taskbar. This is the more convenient way of launching the app.

PC Manager app icon

Wait for it to launch.

The app should look exactly like the image below.

interface of the PC Manager app

Now, let’s go over the different features of the PC Manager app to know how we can be able to use it.

Boost Your Computer’s Performance

One of the features of the PC Manager app is to boost your computer’s performance. 

To boost your computer’s performance, just click the “Boost” button.

select boost

Wait for a few seconds.

After that, the “Performance Boosted” should appear on your PC Manager app like the image shown below.

You will notice that the memory usage percentage went down from 80% to 55% after performing this action. It’s because junk files were removed from the system by cleaning up temporary files.

So whenever you feel like your computer is lagging, you already know what to do. Just click the “Boost” button of the PC Manager app.

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Check Your Computer’s Health

The next PC Manager app feature is the Health Check.

You can use Health Check to protect your computer from any potential issues. It scans all kinds of junk files, including system logs, recent files, and the Windows cache.

To prompt the Health Check feature, start by clicking “Health Check” in the PC Manager app.

check your PC's health

After that, the app will prompt to look for issues by scanning for any viruses, potential issues, and start-up apps.

Wait for a few seconds to finish this process.

After scanning, a list of options will be displayed.

Make sure to tick the boxes that you want to perform a health check on.

And then, click “Proceed.”

click proceed to clean up items in the PC Manager app

Wait for a few seconds again while the PC Manager app is cleaning up the items selected.

After that, you will be notified that the Health Check is complete.

Lastly, click “Done”.

Manage Your Computer’s Storage

Another feature of the PC Manager app is the storage management. 

This feature will show you your computer’s storage space. It will also indicate if you’re running low on storage. This feature will help you look for any disposable files so that you can remove them all, especially if it’s unnecessary and takes up too much space.

To check your computer’s storage, start by selecting “Storage Management” among the list of options.

As you can see, the available GB is already displayed.

storage management of the PC Manager app

After opening Storage Management, another list of options will be displayed.

You can select all options to proceed with the cleanup and removal of unnecessary files to free up space, or you can choose just one or two, depending on the status of your computer.

Take note that it will take a few seconds to perform all these functions.

After that, you will be notified that the process is complete.

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With the help of the newly-added Windows 11 features like the PC Manager app, Microsoft users will surely be able to maximize their computer experience and get their tasks done accurately and conveniently. Now that you’ve already learned how to use the PC Manager app, hopefully, it will aid you in troubleshooting different issues that your computer encounters.

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