How to Fix Phone Keeps Restarting Issue on Android

Currently, everyone is dependent on their smartphones for both professional work and entertainment purposes. Considering there are over 2.5 billion active Android devices, we often hear occasional complaints about phone keeps restarting issue on Android.

Well, a few common issues are reported, such as glitches caused by dodgy apps, battery overheating, or slow system performance. Luckily, some simple procedures can help resolve them.

However, the repetitive crashing and restarting of the device can be frustrating when you are in the middle of doing something on your phone. In this case, the phone does not allow you to unlock it before it goes into another restart.

Some familiar reasons behind this error include a corrupt system, harmful apps, or hardware problems. To solve these problems and several other factors leading to this typical issue, we have come up with the following troubleshooting methods that you should consider to fix an Android phone that keeps rebooting.

Check Device Storage And Clear Space

Your device requires sufficient storage to function normally, or else you could notice problems that include your Android randomly restarting. If less than 10% of the storage is free, you should immediately remove the unnecessary files and cache data to ensure that it is working properly.

On the contrary, if you want to expand your storage to support more apps and information, buying a microSD card will give you additional internal storage. As a substitute, you can also transport your data to a cloud provider such as Google Drive.

Follow the steps below to clear storage on your phone.

Open “Settings.”

settings android

Then tap on “About device.”

about device

Next select “Storage” and “Clean” to remove unnecessary files.

phone keeps restarting issue on Android

Once you have cleared them out, the phone should stop restarting itself.

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Check Your Android Phone In Safe Mode

As mentioned before, a dodgy and problematic app can be the reason for an unexpected restart. Hence you should enable Android’s safe mode to avoid such issues. In safe mode, only the device’s native apps will run, which helps to determine whether a recently installed app is causing this bug.

To boot into safe mode, hold onto the “Power button” to open the power menu. Then long, press the “Restart” button.

restart android

Your phone will show a “Reboot to safe mode” option. Tap on “OK” to confirm your decision.

safe mode android

If your phone runs properly after this, then the issue is likely due to a malfunctioning app. Check the next section to remove such apps.

Uninstall Bugged Apps

The frequent app crashes and system restarts can be caused by some old and defective apps. It is important to identify such apps using the safe mode and uninstall them. This step can help if you observe that a particular application is the reason why the phone keeps restarting issue on Android persists.

To uninstall an app, press and hold on to the app icon and select “Uninstall.”

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Clear App Cache

An alternate way to fix the phone keeps restarting issue on Android is to remove the app cache. It contains insignificant data about the app, which further helps it to load faster. However, apps with large cache sizes can corrupt the android system. 

Therefore you should follow the steps below to clear the cache from such apps.

Head over to “Settings.”

settings android

Tap on “About device.”

about device

Select “Apps.”

apps android

Take a look at your installed apps and check how much storage they cover. If you find an unusually large app size, then it confirms that a high cache has been collected by the


Select such apps one by one and tap on the “Clear cache” button.

phone keeps restarting issue on Android

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Force Stop App

Any minor disturbance can be due to one particular app as well. Even if the app is closed, it may continue to work in the background. Hence, you should resolve this matter by force-stopping the app.

Head over to “Settings” on your device.

settings android

Click on “Apps.”

phone keeps restarting issue on Android

Next, choose “App management.”

app management

Tap on the app which is causing the problem and then choose “Force stop.”

phone keeps restarting issue on Android

The glitch should be removed once you have force-stopped it. You can relaunch the app by accessing your app drawer and using it as before.

Update All Apps

It is really important to ensure that all the apps on your device are running on the latest version. This is because the outdated form can lead to system crashes since they get incompatible with the latest Android version over time. 

To prevent this, app developers frequently release updates to introduce new features and fix bugs. Hence you should keep them up to date to function properly with your device.

Open “Play Store.”

play store

Next, tap on your profile in the top right corner.

phone keeps restarting issue on Android

Then select “Manage apps and device.”

manage apps and device

It will show you any available updates. If so, tap on “Update all.”

phone keeps restarting issue on Android

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Update The Android Operating System

To keep your device running at its best, it is also necessary to update your operating system. Along with modifying the apps, this procedure allows you to enjoy the benefit of the latest features Android offers and protect your data from advanced security threats.

When it comes to phone rebooting problems, you should check for the updates provided by the manufacturers.

Open “Settings” and tap on “Software update.”

phone keeps restarting issue on Android

Click on “Download and install.”

phone keeps restarting issue on Android

If there is any pending update, then tap on “Update.” Your device will take some time to install and register the new update. Once the update is completely installed, and your smartphone reboots automatically, you can go back to using it normally again. 

Remove External Device And Batteries

It is often noticed that people use third-party accessories such as cases, external battery packs, hard drives, or Pendrive. Well, if you are one of them, then it is better to remove it if you are also facing issues with your Android device automatically restarting.

With time, external batteries can send too much power to your phone instead of the required amount. This is due to the wear-outs and constant reuse. Hence the device forces itself to restart to protect its internal battery. 

Unknowingly, these add-ons could be the culprit as they might be infected with suspicious files causing more damage to your phone. Since they can cover the sensors or buttons, constant reboots can be one of the consequences. Therefore, you should consider replacing or removing them completely.

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Force Restart

When your phone is in a continuous reboot loop, it is difficult to access the operating system. So, a force restart may work to break the process.

Hold onto the power button to open the power menu.

phone keeps restarting issue on Android

Then press the “Restart” button.

restart android

Factory Reset

Provided that none of the above methods work to fix the phone restarting issue on Android, the last resort should be a factory reset.

This erases all the data from your phone and wipes out any hidden viruses or faulty files. As this process removes the entire information, including important details, it is preferable to back up your data beforehand on a secondary device.

To reset your phone, head to “Settings” and select “System settings.”

system settings

Next, select “Backup and reset.”

phone keeps restarting issue on Android

Then confirm your decision and choose “Reset phone.”

phone keeps restarting issue on Android

Once you have reset your phone, it will give you the option to restore the phone from a backup or start from scratch. If you consider the first option and the virus is in a cache file, then your phone will operate normally. However, if it was due to corrupt media, then you might face this trouble again.

If this continues, then set up your phone without the backup.

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Restarting Android can be caused by various problems. However, to make it easier, we listed many potential solutions for you to try. After resolving the issue, you can get back to enjoying your phone without any disturbance. We hope you could find a solution in our article. 

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