How to Fix Safari Pinch Zoom Not Working on iOS 15

Apple has updated the look of Safari along with the launch of iOS 15. However, with the updated design, some users experience issues with Safari pinch zoom not working.

Another problem raised by the users is that when the zoom-in works, they can no longer zoom out the page. This scenario is troublesome, so let’s check out some troubleshooting methods to fix Safari pinch zoom not working on iOS 15.

Let’s get right to it. 

Turn Off Live Text

Some users pointed out that the problem seems to be occurring from the Live Text feature, which was also introduced in iOS 15. Although there’s no direct link between Live Text and pinch zoom, turning Live Text off seems to do the trick to solve Safari pinch zoom not working on iOS 15.

To turn off Live Text, launch the Settings app of your iPhone. Then, go to “General” and select “Langauge and Region”. Go to “Live Text” and toggle it off. 

live text off

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Clear Website Data and Safari History

Clearing the website data can help eliminate bugs that may cause some features not to work. 

To clear website data on your iPhone’s Safari, launch the Settings app. Then, scroll down and click “Safari”.

Scroll down once more until you see “Clear History and Website Data,” then tap it. 

safari pinch zoom not working

A pop-up will open, then tap “Clear History and Data”. 

clear history and data

After that, you’ll be prompted if you want to close open tabs or keep them. Select whichever is more convenient for you.

Once the website data and history has been cleared, open Safari again and check if pinch zoom is now working. 

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Reset All Settings

Sometimes, fixing the Settings can cure multiple bugs or issues, including Safari pinch zoom not working.

To reset all settings on your iPhone, open the Settings app. Then, tap “General,” scroll down until the very end, and click “Transfer or Reset iPhone”. Then, select “Reset” 

From the options, select “Reset All Settings”. Don’t worry, doing this will not delete any data stored on your iPhone. It will just reset all settings back to their default state. 

reset all settings

Enter your passcode to confirm. After that, your iPhone will automatically restart and it will open with all the settings back to its default. 

Update Your Apps

Faulty apps can cause some features not to work. To update your apps, go to the App Store. Then, click your profile icon located on the upper-right corner of the screen.

 Click “Update All” to update your apps. Note that you need a stable internet connection to successfully download all the app updates. 

safari pinch zoom not working

Restart Your iPhone

Some issues on your phone can easily be resolved by restarting your iPhone. 

There are two ways to perform this task.

For older iPhone models such as iPhone 8, 8Plus, or earlier:

Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button located on the top of your iPhone or on the right side. Then, slide to the right the power slider once it appears. 

Your iPhone will shut down right after. Wait for a while, then turn it on again by holding/pressing the Sleep/Wake button. Release the hold once the Apple logo appears on the screen.

For iPhones without a Home button such as iPhone X or later: 

Press and hold the Side button or Volume Down button simultaneously. The power slider will appear, swipe it to the right. Wait for your device to completely shut down, which will take around 30 seconds. 

Then, turn it on again by pressing the Side and Volume Down buttons again. Once the Apple logo appears on the screen, release the buttons. 

Update Your iOS

Apple continuously updates its iOS to improve the software and get rid of bugs. As of this writing, iOS 16 has already been launched, so you might want to consider updating to the latest iOS. 

To check if an update is available on your iPhone, open the Settings app, then go to “General”. From there, select “Software Update”. If no update is available, the screen will show “iOS is up to date”. 

But if an update is available for your iPhone, click “Download and Install”. Your iPhone will download the new iOS which will take a while depending on the size of the download and your internet connection.

Once the download is done, you can choose to install the iOS immediately or at a later time. When doing all of these steps, ensure that you have a stable internet connection and your battery is not lower than 50% so the installation will not be interrupted.

Being the default internet browsing app, Safari is a useful app to many iOS users. When certain features do not work on Safari such as pinch zoom, there are easy do-it-yourself troubleshooting methods that you can try to fix the problem. If you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them down below. 

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