How to Use 7 Zip on Windows 11

Did you know that the 7 zip on Windows 11 can help you with your files? After reading this post, you will learn how to compress and extract files by using it.

The open-source file-archiving application 7-Zip can compress and extract data from various file formats, with or without passwords.

It offers some of the best compression rates, is entirely free, and can be integrated with command terminals.

There is other excellent software available for compressing and extracting files, the most well-known of which are WinZip and WinRAR. On the other hand, 7-zip is an option worth considering if you do not wish to spend money on a short file compressor.

Learn how to download and install 7-Zip on Windows 11 and how to use it with the help of this post.

Installation of 7 Zip on Windows 11

Before using the 7 Zip, you must install it like every other application. Please follow these instructions to download and install 7-Zip on your Windows computer if you have not previously done so.

First, open up a web browser, go to and pick the version of 7-zip you want to download.

Note: If you have 32-bit Windows, choose the “32-bit x86 option”, and if you have 64-bit Windows, select the “64-bit x64 option”.

After that, click the “Download link” to get the setup file and wait for the download to finish.

Install 7 Zip on Windows 11

Next, open File Explorer, and find the Folder where you saved the “7-zip setup file”. Double-click on it to start the installation.

A confirmation window will appear. Select the Destination and Click the “Install button” to proceed.

Finally, wait until the process is done. Click the “Close button” afterward to complete the process.

Setting up 7 Zip on Windows 11

After you have finished downloading and installing the program, the next step is making this application the default program for opening and creating archive files.

To do so,

First, click the Start Menu, type “7-Zip” on the search box, and open relevant results. If an administrator prompt appears, click “Yes”.

Now, the 7 Zip Application will appear. Click the “Tools option” on the Menu bar, then select “Options”.

7 Zip on Windows 11

Under the System tab, click the first “+ button”. It will make the 7 Zip application your default archiver for the user whose currently logged in on your PC.

"+ button" on 7 Zip on Windows 11

Note: Even if you already have other archive software on your computer, clicking this “+ button” will make 7-Zip your default archiver.

On the other hand, clicking the second “+ button” will make the 7 Zip application the default archiver for all users on your system.

Once done, click the “Apply button” then click “OK”.

Uses of 7 Zip on Windows 11

After completing the Setup, you are ready to use the 7 Zip. You can use the functions listed below to get the most out of 7 Zip on Windows 11.

Compressing Files

When using 7-Zip, one of the most functions to learn is how to utilize the program to archive and compress files. Let’s have a look at how it can compress files.

First, choose one or more files you want to archive. Right-click on it and click “Show more options” on the context Menu.

After that, hover your cursor over “7-Zip” and choose “Add to” or “Add to filename.7z” to compress quickly.

compressing files with 7 Zip on Windows 11

Since zip and 7z are the most common and helpful archive formats, they are the ones that come up by default in the context menu.

Additionally, if you want to change different settings such as file name, location, and compression speed, just click “Add to Archive” on the Context Menu.

add to archive

Finally, wait for the compression process to finish. Compressing files takes seconds to hours, depending on the number, folders, size, and computer performance.

Extracting Files

The extraction is yet another function that you can carry out using 7zip. It is much simpler to extract files than it is to compress them.

To extract files using 7 Zip:

First, Choose the files from the archive you would like to extract. Right-click on it and select “Open” on the context menu.

extracting files with 7 Zip on Windows 11

The 7 Zip window will pop up. On the Menu bar, click the “Extract button”.

extract button

The Copy dialog box will appear. Click the “Browse button” to select the destination of the files.

Now, wait for the extraction process to finish, close the application, and check if the extracted files are complete.

Encrypting Files

In addition to archiving files, 7-Zip can protect your files with a password. This is a beneficial tool to have when it comes to storing or sharing files containing sensitive information.

To do so,

First, Choose the files from the archive you want to encrypt. Right-click on it and select “Add To Archive” on the context menu.

Now, set the file name and destination of the encrypted file. Change the Archive Format to “zip” or “7z”, depending on your preference afterward.

encrypt files with 7 zip

After that, expand the drop-down menu beside the “Encryption Method” and click the “AES-256 option”.

Finally, type your desired password, re-enter it for confirmation, and click “OK” to save changes.

That’s all you can get about the 7 Zip on Windows 11. Hopefully, reading this article helped you with this file archiver.

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